Monday, March 25, 2013


This will be our first organized sport that we have particpated in SOCCER how fun in this gonna be. Well let me just tell you so far it has been a whole lot of fun it has been COLD!! Maybe in the next few weeks it will warm up and we can use some of this energy tese kids have stored up over the past few months.

All About Me!

This should have been my first post but OH WELL like I said I am new at this and am just now figuring things out. I am Lindsay Davis and as most of you that are following already know me but I am gonna try and start blogging this was a assignment that was given in my Educational Technology Class. I have two wonderful Children Paislee that is 4 and will 5 in July and Stran who is 1 and will be 2 in July yes I am a busy mom in July I have been married for five years we will be married 6 years in July once again what was thinking we are very buy people the month of July. I love being a mommy and everything that goes with it minus a couple things. I love sitting here thinking about my future best friend is laying in the other room and thinking man this little guy snoozing in his room is gonna break some major hearts in 40 plus years.. LOL!! my wonderful husband works at Farm Bureau and works extremly hard at his job. I on the other hand am going back to school to seek a degree in Early Childhood!

Saturday March 23

Saturday Morning started out early we got around and headed  to Little Rock where we meet up with our friends again today at the Restuarant All Aboard in Little Rock and let me tell you if you haven't eaten there you should put it on your list to try. I had a Ruben Sandwhich was to die for but anyways the restaurant is mainly focused on little ones and atmopshere for children you order as soon as you walk in the door similar to a fast food restaurant and then your food is delivered to you by train it is very neat. Then off to Jump Zone after filling those kids tummies up but I must not forget that between stops I did happen to get to sneak into a shoe store and those that know me know I love some shoes so anywhere I go I try and sneak shoe store in on the trip. After we had reached Jump Zone and let the kids wear there selves down it was time for a peacful drive home and a peacful night rest. What a blessed Saturday that we had hope you all have a blessed day.

Friday March22, 2013

What a start to a busy weekend we had little did we know. So.... Friday night we enjoyed hanging out with some of our close friends that you will hear me talk about a whole best friend Alli and her husband Johnny which is my husbands best friend since high school. We celebrated there youngest son Troy fourth birthday what a blessing he has been to our family and what a wonderful Friday night we had.

All New!!

This is somewhat new to me I have blogged before but not about my life so I am gonna try this and see how it turns out!