Monday, March 25, 2013

All About Me!

This should have been my first post but OH WELL like I said I am new at this and am just now figuring things out. I am Lindsay Davis and as most of you that are following already know me but I am gonna try and start blogging this was a assignment that was given in my Educational Technology Class. I have two wonderful Children Paislee that is 4 and will 5 in July and Stran who is 1 and will be 2 in July yes I am a busy mom in July I have been married for five years we will be married 6 years in July once again what was thinking we are very buy people the month of July. I love being a mommy and everything that goes with it minus a couple things. I love sitting here thinking about my future best friend is laying in the other room and thinking man this little guy snoozing in his room is gonna break some major hearts in 40 plus years.. LOL!! my wonderful husband works at Farm Bureau and works extremly hard at his job. I on the other hand am going back to school to seek a degree in Early Childhood!

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